About us

Kerandi Manduku & Co. Advocates is a dynamic law firm established and licensed to practice law in East Africa region. We provide legal consultancy services nearly in all spheres of law.

Our Vision

To be a world class law firm in East Africa region and beyond.

Our Motto

Working towards total satisifaction of our clients and the maintenance of the principles of justice according to Law.

Our Mission

To provide quality, efficient and innovative legal consultancy services by helping clients minimize legal risks and maximize legal opportunities in the multi-cultural business environment at a competitive price.

Our Coporate Slogan

“Total satisfaction of our clients while upholding the Rule of Law always”

Our Corporate History

Kerandi Manduku & Company Advocates, was registered on October 4, 2001. The firm is the product of many years of hardwork, commitment, determination and a lifelong dream realized by persistent efforts at excelling by the founding partner.

Since registration and commencement of business, the firm has grown steadily from strength to strength and now has three full-time partners and a number of associates available for contractual assignments. The firm now boasts numerous clients ranging from regular, medium sized firms to a number of high-profile ones.

Concurrently, the firm now has in place associate and correspondent lawyers in major Kenyan towns as well as an impressive network of associate legal firms all over Kenya. This is a deliberate business strategy to cater for all manner of local and international clients and to utilize synergies of process.

Our Core Values

Professionalism | Integrity | Fairness | Firmness | Honesty | Fidelity to the Law

Our Aims

• To promote and stoutly defend the Rule of Law.

• To promote the cause of justice worldwide.

• To offer professional legal services without any discrimination whatsoever and in accordance with the finest ethics of the law society.

• To promote and encourage legal knowledge and education for all.

• To assist in the protection, promotion and upliftment of the integrity of the legal profession.

• To disseminate and import these ideals to succeeding legal practitioners.

Our Commitments

• TO our clients, We offer faithfulness, competence, diligence, and good judgment. We will strive to represent you as we would want to be represented and be worth of your trust.

• TO the opposing parties and their counsel, we offer fairness, integrity, and civility. We will seek reconciliation and, if we fail, we will strive to make our dispute a dignified one.

• TO the courts, and other tribunals, and to those who assist them, we offer respect, candor, and courtesy. We will strive to do honor to the search for justice.

• TO our colleagues in the practice of law, we offer concern for your welfare. We will strive to make our association a professional friendship.

• TO the profession, we offer assistance. We will strive to keep our business a profession and our profession a calling in the spirit of public service.

• TO the public and our systems of justice, we offer service. We will strive to improve the law and our legal system available to all, and to seek the common good through the representation of our clients.

Our Service Delivery Values & Strategy

Kerandi Manduku & Co. Advocates endeavours to at least meet and, where possible exceed, the expectations of all our clients. In this regard, we have instituted clear performance and service delivery benchmarks to guide our business. These are all in consonance and compliance with the Advocates Act and all the laws of Kenya.

We have found ready marketing of our services by past clients. In fact, a good number of our clients are either repeat clients or referrals of new clients by past / existing clients. This is one yardstick that we use to determine that we are delivering to meet the expectations of our clients. In this regard, our service delivery strategy is to be thorough while offering the best services under each of the respective circumstances.

We are as empathetic as can possibly be while we remain neutral and judicious. Corporate and trade alliances, partners & associates.

As disclosed above, we have associate legal firms and individual Advocates spread all over Kenya. These are individual Advocates and firms with whom we have formal business arrangements to “pass over” work to them in their respective locations or to receive legal work from them under commensurate contracts.

Of course, Kerandi Manduku & Co. Advocates undertakes initial and continuous appraisal of each Advocate or firm that we have contracted well before hand.