Centre for Legal Research

Centre for Legal Research and Consultancy (CLRC) is a consultancy unit of the law firm of Kerandi Manduku & Co. Advocates that offers its legal expertise on various issues of law and a wide array of services that require expertise on any field as it has a vast scope of experts who are qualified and possess the necessary skills to undertake a task assigned to them.

At Centre for Legal Research and Consultancy, we are committed to working hand-in-hand with our clients in making optimal legal solutions. We are well-equipped with multidisciplinary expertise, capacity and infrastructure that enable us to produce high quality results with accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

We provide a range of legal research and consultancy services:

1. Legislative drafting of Bills

2. Undertaking of audits (legal compliance audits, social compliance audits, national value compliance audits and governance compliance audits)

3. Development of public policies

4. Conducting public participation forums

5. Offering litigation support

6. Undertaking legal research

7. Preparing and packaging expert witnesses for the purpose of delivering a task assigned