Certified Fraud Examination

We provide a range of Certified Fraud Examination services:

• Providing legal advice to clients on criminal matters under investigation relating to corruption, economic crime, and related frauds;

• Handling litigation cases involving preservation of assets and forfeiture of unexplained assets;

• Perusal of criminal inquiry files to determine the sufficiency of evidence collected by the investigators and advising our clients accordingly on the options available to them under the law;

• Instituting and/or defending proceedings on behalf of public bodies to recover benefits improperly obtained by agents and other third parties;

• Carrying out research into legal matters relating to various matters under inquiry and those arising there-from;

• Preparation of legal briefs, opinions, and/or reports for perusal and directions by our clients;

• Attending court to watch brief for our clients who are complainants in criminal cases;

• Holding pre-trial conferences with witnesses and prosecuting counsel so as to prepare for the hearing of the criminal cases.

• Instituting private prosecution cases on behalf of our clients where the government is not ken in prosecuting such cases.