Company Secretarial Services

We provide a range of Company Secretarial services:

• Filing of Statutory returns; annual returns; notice of appointment; removal and resignation of directors; notice of removal or resignation of auditors; reports and accounts; ammended memorandum and articles of association; return of allotments; increase/decrease of shrae capital; change of registered office; resolutions in accordance with the Companies Act.

• Ensuring that the Annual Gneral Meeting of the company is held in accordance with the requirement of the Companies Act an the Memorandum and Articles of Association; attending Annual Genral Meetings to read and take minutes; briefing directors for any shareholder questions; preparing and issuing notices of meeting to shareholders.

• Facilitating the smooth operation of the company's formal decision making and reporting machinery: organizing board meeting; formulating meeting agendas with the chairman of board of directors; managing directors and/or chief-executive; attending board meetings and ensuring all meetings are minuted and that the minute books are properly maintained.

• Maintenance of all statutory registers of; members, directors and secretaries.

• Mortgages and charge; directors interest in shares and debentures; interest in voting shares; debenture holders; if any.

• Incorporation of companies i.e preparation of Memorandum and Articles of Association together with the necessary forms of registration of limited liability companies.

• Assist in application for trade licences; which include obtaining the list of directors and shareholders from registrar of companies.

• Ensuring the safe custody and proper use of company seal.

• Maintaining the Company's register of members; dealing with transfer and other matters affecting shareholding; verification of members' register before the declaration of dividend to ascertain the bona-fide shareholders who are entitled to dividends.

• Administration and management of dividends payout; preparation of dividend warrants or vouchers; writing and dispatching of dividend vouchers; compliling of dividend list ofpayments and sipatching to the bank; reconciliation dividend list with the bank and ensuring all shareholders have received their dividends as proposed and paid; after six months compile and open a register of all uncollected dividends and make a follow-up to establish the reason why dividends have not been collected.

• Assist in preparation of Form 204 for allotment of shares; Notice increase of Share Capital Form; and preparation of special or ordinary resolution in respect of proposed share capital increase.

• Advice on general compliance with relevant regulatory and legal requirements in particular under the Companies Act including legal requirement on the retention of documents; retaining minimum set of records required for commercial reasons.