Energy Consulting & Advisory Services

We strive to offer legal expertise on various issues of Energy and Petroleum and a wide array of services that require expertise on this field as it has a vast scope of experts who are qualified and possess the necessary skills to undertake a task assigned to them. The expertise ranges from in-house professionals to a virtual office environment. At Kerandi Manduku & Co. Advocates, we are committed to working hand-in-hand with our clients in making optimal Energy & petroleum solutions. We are well-equipped with multidisciplinary expertise, capacity and infrastructure that enable us to produce high quality results with accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

We provide a range of energy consulting and advisory services:

1. Devolution of Energy Services

2. Energy Efficiency and Conservation

3. Energy Financing, Pricing and Audits

4. Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution

5. Petroleum Storage, Transportation and Distribution

6. Renewable Energy

7. Public Private Partnerships

8. Extractives, Oil, Coal and Gas