Our Services

We provide a range of services: Legal Research & Consultancy, Contract & Civil Litigation, Certified Fraud Examination, Company Secretarial services, Energy Consulting and Advisory services.

Legal Research & Consultancy

We provide legal research and drafting services evolving around appellate work, background research, citations and summaries of cases. We research from court registry pleadings and from witness 's published works.

Contract & Civil Litigation

If you are experiencing a civil or contract legal issue and need the help of an experienced civil litigation lawyer contact the Kerandi Manduku & Co. today! We provide Civil, Contract Litigation, Arbitration & Insurance Subrogation services.

Certified Fraud Examination services

We provide legal advice to clients on criminal matters under investigation relating to corruption, economic crime and related fraud. Our practice also includes preservation and forfeiture of assets and instituting of private prosecution cases.

Company Secretarial Services

We provide company secretarial services such as: Advice on Statutory compliance and maintenance, Entity formation, Mortgages and Charge, Corporate restructuring and Corporate governance.

Energy Consulting & Advisory Services

We provide a comprehensive range of consulting and advisory services to the utilities, energy-users, marketers and energy-producers as well as to owners of energy projects, energy service providers and financial institutions involved in the energy market.