Preventive Law and Legal services

We aim at providing corporate entities with a complete legal health check by evaluating the entity's capacity to do business within the legal environemnt. The program helps corporations to avoid, manage and limit or minimize legal liability in its operations and enable it function better as a compliant enterprise.

These services include advising generally to the following areas:

1. Proper Corporate governance, management of inter corporate relations, operational efficiency.

2. Functioning within the existing legal framework' procedures and practices in damage control operations.

3. Management of revenue and its impact on corporations' operations, licensing procedures and practices, corporate compliance programs and intellectual property.

4. Corporate transactions, corporate and executives criminal liability, competition and competitiveness.

5. Management of Legal risks in corporate operations, recruitment and personel management and the legal navigation of the existing and anticipated legislative regime.

6. Regular updates on new laws and regulations and analysis of their impact on business.

7. Assisting corporates to align their Legal Department strategy with corporate business lan.

8. Determining demand forecasts for future legal services in regards to overall business plans.

9. Preparation of annual business plans for the corporate in house legal department that aid in proper organization and efficiency.